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Being a trader or community leader, you communicate with a lot of people or organizations around you, interested in new possibilities for better trading. Become the one, who will open the features of Quantower to your friends, subscribers,
business partners or any retail traders by selling our trading application. You will get a discounted price and comprehensive support from our team that will help you to promote Quantower easily and gather more audience around.
We believe that you know your environment (people of your sphere, region or even country) much better than we do, so it is reasonable to share the part of our profit with you to encourage your help in Quantower spread.
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Teach new traders to use good software

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Training the other trader is a great responsibility of every educator. That is why you strive to choose the best trading software to teach your students (or channel subscribers), proving that you are really an opinion leader.
We can give the Quantower software to you and your students even for free. Train them to use the modern trading features and principles, allowing to start their trading way with one of the best and powerful trading applications on market.
By the way, when they will be ready to start trading on their own, your students will get a discounts for Quantower and you will get your interest from that sells also. Sounds reasonable?
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Get the ideal front-end for your server

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Software development is usually an expensive, difficult and long-lasting process, so why should you spend your time on this instead of get the professional trading application (branded with your name) much more easily?
Quantower can be the great solution for your brokerage business, allowing you to propose all of the developed, tested and already favoured features to your traders. You will receive an ability to extend Your white-labelled application with
custom functionalities (using Core API) as well as integrate with your own or third-party solutions via Connect API. And don’t forget about the comprehensive qualified support from all Quantower Team.
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White-labelled front-end & Data storing server

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We have a lot of requests from brokers about the White-label solution, extended with server for collecting and storing the Historical data. This is very useful way to reduce the costs on Historical Data
purchasing and it’s further distribution. Quantower Server, combined with white-labeled front-end is the perfect solution for brokers, who appreciate the perfect balance between speed, quality and
functionality of the software for its customers. Stop proposing the numerous mediate trading platforms — provide yours, powered with specific features and Your personal brand. We will do the rest.
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