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Track all liquidity changes in the order book as well as trading activity of participants via the Heatmap view
$ 30 8190 144180 252360
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Detect execution of a large number of orders in a very short time & catch the price change
$ 25 6875 120150 210300
Buy Buy 3M Buy 6M Buy 1Y
Set of tools for deep price analysis: Cluster chart, Volume profiles, Time statistics, Time histogram, Historical Time&Sales, Price statistics, Volume Impact indicator
$ 35 95105 168210 294420
Buy Buy 3M Buy 6M Buy 1Y
Renko, Kagi, P&F and Heikin-Ashi chart types, Unlimited Overlays & Indicators, Multiple synchro-connect, Chart Alerts, RTD Excel and more...
$ 25 6875 120150 210300
Buy Buy 3M Buy 6M Buy 1Y
Tools for creating and analyzing option trading strategies or profiles, as well as option Greeks. Includes Option Desk, Option Analyzer, Working orders & Positions (real & paper)
$ 50 135150 240300 420600
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What’s in a Free version?

Various technical indicators
Various drawing tools
Connection to any integrated brokers and data feeds
Market data from active connections: quotes, level2 and trades
Trading account info
All trading operations: placing, canceling and modifying orders
Chart visual trading
Time and Tick chart aggregations
Standard and custom timeframes
Settings backup manager
Historical symbols
Basic chart drawing tools
Basic technical indicators (40+)
Market depth
DOM trader
Time & sales
Exchange times
Stat matrix
RSS reader
Algo extension for Visual Studio
Access via API
Order Flow Surface
... and more and more minor trading tools, every trader got used to :)
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Frequent questions about pricing

What should you know before buy

Does the Quantower actually free of charge?

Yes, forever. By default, you will receive an access to the basic functionalities for trading, analysis and orders management without any charges. Don’t worry, you will be asked for payment once you reach the features, that are available under the paid licenses.

Why would I buy an "Advanced features" extension?

The basic Quantower application is good enough for normal trading cases: one broker connection, one instance per each panel, one symbol overlay on chart, basic chart timeframe aggregations as well as popular drawing tools and indicators. These all are good if you are a beginning or infrequent trader but in case you are ready for more — we can propose you to remove any interface limitations. Pro-trading package makes your Quantower operate on a full-throttle.

Why should I buy a package instead of each extension separately?

Buying an extensions set via the Package you will receive an additional discount on group buy as well as all the required functionality set for the best trading experience.

Will my private data be safely secured?

Yes, sure. We put the user data security on the highest level and don't ask you to provide more than required personal information. We totally support the GDPR privacy policies.

How can I control my purchases?

You will be required to register a Quantower ID that will be used to assign the purchases to. This ID can be controlled in the secure area — Quantower user page — available after registration.

When will I get an access to the purchased extensions in Quantower?

Once you've finished the purchase process the new features become available instantly. You just need to be authorised in app under your Quantower ID, that was used in purchase process.

Will my purchases be prolonged automatically?

No. Currently, we believe that you should control What and When you should buy. From our side we will do all our best to inform you about the finishing period of any extensions, bought by you.

What is your refund policy?

We provide refunds only for initial orders and in case if you have requested refunds within 10 (ten) calendar days after the payment. Please contact Quantower support in case you need to request for a refund.
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