List of available connections and data providers — Quantower trading platform


Use any available connection.
Or several. Simultaneously

Quantower seamlessly connects to various brokers, exchanges and data feeds

There are so many various brokers all over the world that any trader can select the one with best comissions and clearence. But most of Brokers can propose an outdated trading software only, because new development reqiures high invesments.

Stop following the limits of your Broker — use the modern software, use Quantower

multiple connections

Didn’t find your Broker?

Use Integration API to create connection

This is the preferred, fastest and the most suitable way to make the new connections for Quantower. You may do it by yourself, ask some Coder or ask Community. We have developed an outstanding Integration API with detailed documentation that will help you to integrate our app with the most Data providers

Leave us connection request

You may ask us to develop such connection. We strive to react on such requests asap, but it will require some time: to analyse, develop, test and release the new connection. Please send us an email request with the description of required integration and we will contact you back as soon as possible

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