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Hello from the Quantower Team! Our families and we live in Ukraine. We stayed in Ukraine and assisted the Ukrainians from the first day of the Russian federation's military forces invasion. This situation is a real War, where we need to protect ourselves from Putin's craziness and defend the independence of Ukraine. We are a brave nation and will stand it out! Please donate to Ukrainian military forces using the following link to support us:
Help Ukraine in the war with Russia


Planned features
  • All
  • Functions
  • Connections
  • Plugins
  • Equivolume chart
  • Indicators, based on other indicator's data
  • Probability cone
  • Optimization surface
  • Backtesting on Level2 quotes
  • Strategy Optimizer
  • Custom Optimization Algorithms
  • 3D Volatility surface
  • Connection to Dukascopy ™
  • Connection to Collective2 ™
  • Connection to IG Markets ™
  • Connection to Bittrex ™
  • Connection to Gain Capital ™
  • Connection to Trading Technologies ™
  • Connection to Interactive Data ™
  • Spread matrix
  • Extension for Visual Studio Code
  • Algo Strategy Visual Constructor
  • Mac OS version
  • Python package
  • R package
  • Price action patterns
In development
  • Seasonal charts
  • Filters for Time Statistics
  • Filters for Time Histogram
  • Trading Hotkeys
  • Connection to TD Ameritrade ™
  • Connection to CQG ™
  • Connection to Questrade ™
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