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You might downloaded and tried Quantower platform already and know that it is fully-functional trading application with a lot of useful features aboard. Newertheless, we are not going to stop on what we have already done and plan to improve our product continiously by adding a new features each release.
We have prepared the list of what will be developed in nearest future, so you could be sure, that Quantower is your partner for a long-term perspective. This list was originally created by our analitics, based on strong cooperation with traders and asset managers. You may become a part of it by contributing your feature requests
Planned features
  • All
  • Functions
  • Connections
  • Plugins
  • Equivolume chart
  • Seasonal charts
  • Indicators, based on other indicator's data
  • Probability cone
  • Multiple order entry
  • Optimization surface
  • Backtesting on Level2 quotes
  • Strategy Optimizer
  • Custom Optimization Algorithms
  • Connection to Dukascopy ™
  • Connection to Collective2 ™
  • Connection to IG Markets ™
  • Connection to Bittrex ™
  • Connection to dxFeed ™
  • Connection to Gain Capital ™
  • Connection to Ally ™
  • Connection to Trading Technologies ™
  • Connection to CTS ™
  • Connection to Interactive Data ™
  • Connection to TD Ameritrade ™
  • Spread matrix
  • Extension for Visual Studio Code
  • Algo Strategy Visual Constructor
  • Mac OS version
  • Group profile chart
  • Python package
  • R package
  • Price action patterns
  • Cumulative DOM
In development
  • Imbalance in cluster chart
  • Filters for Time Statistics
  • Filters for Time Histogram
  • Dynamic POC indicator
  • 3D Volatility surface
  • Connection to Binance Futures ™
  • Connection to CQG ™
  • Connection to Questrade ™
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