TPO Profile chart

Aggregate your way

Specify any time periods in the aggregation settings to build the profile. Set a custom step of ticks for optimal profile view

TPO profile aggregation in Quantower

Visualisation & coloring

Choose any color scheme for both Boxed or Lettered view for better representation and analysis of the TPO profile

TPO Profile chart visualisation

POC, Value area, Singles

Enable key elements of Trade Price Opportunity chart for more precise analysis as well as turn the POC Ray per each profile

TPO elements

Full or partial split

Use splitting for a detailed analysis of profile information. Separate the profile into each column or divide it into two by the selected bar

TPO splitting

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Merging profiles

Combine several profiles into one using the handy context menu options

TPO merging

Standard chart layer

Display the standard chart of any style right under the TPO profiles and apply any drawings for technical analysis

TPO chart layer

Volume analysis tools

TPO profiles are used on their own to find areas of support and resistance, and can also be used in conjunction with volume profiles

TPO Volume analysis

Session time

Set the custom time range for the necessary trading session and the profile will be built within this range. The rest of the time will not be taken into account

TPO sessions

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