TOPSTEP is now on the list of Quantower premium partners — Quantower trading platform

TOPSTEP is now on the list of Quantower premium partners

by Quantower  |  January 29, 2019

There were several prop-trading partners in our connections list already, and now we've got a new one - a TOPSTEP platform, supporting the development of traders at all levels of experience without putting their own capital at risk. Additionally, this connection grants most of Quantower's paid features for free. Let's find out the details.

A Topstep platform is designed to help you manage risk, hone strategies, and become consistently profitable. The key feature of Topstep is putting a significant effort into educating and navigating its clients on the way to profitable trading. As they state: "Topstep was built for traders by traders, and our experts know exactly what type of support and mentorship you need." This platform provides group coaching and private subscription, including weekly one-on-one phone calls, daily group meetings, market analysis, and more.

Topstep has the quickest funding program in the industry. Successfully navigating their two-step evaluation process puts you in a Funded Account® in eight trading days. Currently, they allow trading CME Group futures only - from Crude to the E-mini S&P 500. There are three account sizes to choose from with the Topstep: $50K, $100K, and $150K starting from a $165 per month subscription. As usual, each trader should conduct with the service's rules and fulfill the periodic targets.

Quantower should bring more confidence and possibilities to each Topstep trader as a multi-functional trading terminal. Diverse market analysis possibilities and versatile order management functionality make Quantower one of the best instruments for making good profits under the Topstep coach's patient supervision.

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