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Options Trading

Expand your trading opportunities
Options Desk
Get extended information about the current prices of Call and Put options with their Greeks, implied volatility and open interest. The industry-standard view of the options desk allows you to display several series at the same time with a custom depth of strikes
Options Desk view
Analyzer view
Options Desk & Analyzer
Options Risk Analysis
Create and analyze custom, user-defined strategies and submit them to the exchange. Switch between various options “Greeks” risk profiles for advanced analysis
Shows change of option price when the Underlier price moves
Shows change of Delta when the underlier price moves
Shows change of option price when Volatility moves
Shows change of option price Over Time
Shows change of option price when Interest Rate moves
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What-if Scenario
Assess the impact of volatility and time decay on the selected options strategy by using What-If analysis. Add up to 5 lines simultaneously on the payoff chart to evaluate “profit if close” profile.
Profile Overlays
Add Greek curves to the options profile chart to analyze your position in detail
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