Order execution

Chart trading

Submit orders directly from the chart in one click. Convenient and intuitive order management allows you to change prices by simply dragging, cancel them or execute by the market price

  • Trading from the Chart and Order Flow Surface
  • Hot Buttons for fast trading and managing
  • Mouse trading mode with flexible settings
Chart trading

Multiple order types

Execute different basic and smart order types which may help to limit risk, provide privacy and simplify execution process

    Instant execution at the current market price
    Execution at a specified or better price
    Becomes market order once the trigger price is reached
  • TIF
    Order validity time. GTD, GTC, IOC, FOK, Day
Multiple order types

DOM trading

View market transparency and the exchange’s order book of resting orders with their sizes. Place, modify and execute Market, Stop or Limit orders from the price ladder

DOM trading

Feels like the Quantower is what you are looking for?

Crypto trading

Monitor the state of your crypto portfolio through the Crypto Balances panel. Π‘hange one currency to another in one click, using the percentage slider on the Crypto Order Entry panel

Crypto trading

Trading simulation

Test your strategy on real-time market data with full simulation of real trading even on non-trading connections

Trading simulation

Orders & Positions management

Track, cancel, modify your Working Orders & Positions across all accounts and brokers via table panels

  • All detailed trading information in one place
  • Hot Buttons to quickly close positions and cancel orders
  • Grouping orders & positions for convenient management
Orders & Positions management

More features to explore

Assets & brokers

Quantower offers connectivity to over 60 brokers, exchanges, and data feeds, providing traders with access to multiple asset classes and trading symbols. Our platform also allows for simultaneous connections and the creation of spreads and synthetic symbols.

Charting & Analytics

We offer a comprehensive range of charting tools that provide traders with the flexibility to choose from a variety of timeframes, a multitude of technical indicators, drawing tools, a wide range of chart types, and exceptional customization options to suit their trading strategies.

Options Trading

Quantower offers several key features for option trading, such as options chains, option Greeks, and option strategies. Our user-friendly interface provides every option trader with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and achieve their trading goals

Flexible Interface

Quantower provides excellent customization options for its trading interface, including panel binding and grouping, the ability to modify each panel's parameters and display, and the option to save these modifications as templates for future use

Trade with Quantower

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